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This gallery provides a collection of photographs and graphics of Montclair State locations, events, facilities and members of



This gallery provides a collection of photographs of music, theater and dance performances presented by students and visiting artists. They are copyright images that may be used for MSU print and Web publications.


There are two different ways to search for images in the catalog.  For this gallery, keywords are most effective and comprehensive.  When you have found an image that you like, click +SAVE to put your image on a favorites page, then click MORE> to see a larger view and other details, then click Search Results above the image to get back to where you were.  When you have collected all of your images on to your favorites page, you can download all of them at once directly onto your computer as a ZIP or SIT archive.  You may also download them one at a time if you wish as you go along.


Keywords: Choose a keyword from the pull-down menu to view images with that tag.


Filename:   If you know the date of the photo shoot you can enter mmddyy, or an event name or title, (abbreviations are frequently used so be creative) into this text box.


Show all:  You can also choose to view all the images available in the Image Gallery.  Each page will display 60 thumbnail images.


Each search method may provide a different result.


As you go through this process, if you have any suggestions or questions, please email Mike Peters at


Altering photographs—a caution

Be extremely careful about altering a photograph with PhotoShop or another software program. Avoid making any alterations that affect the accuracy of the persons, places or events depicted in the photo. If you find it necessary to alter a photograph and have any questions about the appropriateness of a change, call the Communications Office at 973-655-4333.


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